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[Chugalug] Good Morning Chugalugs!

Michael Harrison
The new list server seems to be working very well with almost 1000 emails sent with 13 test members. (Some of them are even real, like Adam, Lisa, Don, Jeff, Kraus...Thank You!) 

I've got a little code clean up and config work to do to make it go live, but unless ya'll scream or something weird happens, I plan on moving Chugalug's website and email service over the weekend. You might notice it, might not. The main list has been quiet, or stuck (I keep restarting mailman when the qrunner's hang...). Which for 221 opinionated Linux-ish users, mostly means that it's been blowing chunks. As Melee has better (it works) bounce detection I expect that the list will cull quickly on the new server. 

On of the differences of MELEE is that if mail comes from strange places and does not see the word 'subscribe' in the subject, it ignores and deletes it. No attempts to send a reply, no bounce loops, etc..  It'll have a blacklist by IP and keyword soon as well as some moderator tools if we ever need them. 

And I think I've got a presentation for a future Chugalug meeting.. 

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