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[Chugalug] [OT?] Keyboard Layout Template for teaching

Chad Smith
Does anyone know of a good place to get a good keyboard template to use to teach someone computers?

What I am looking for is something that I can potentially edit to match their particular keyboard - or at the very least, something I can highlight keys on.  (For example highlight the Ctrl and Z key to teach them "Undo" and then another for Ctrl and S for "Save" etc.)

I know I can google for images and then just highlight the keys in -P-h-o-t-o-s-h-o-p- er um, GIMP - but if there is a site or app or something that is better / easier / built for this kind of thing, I'd rather do that.

Thanks for any advice / hints / snarky remarks! 

and, in case it matters, the keyboards will be US and Windows based for the most part - and include the number pad and F# keys.

Thanks again!

- Chad W. Smith

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