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[Chugalug] Party at the Paviliion, This Friday at the Pavillion

Mike Harrison-4
This Friday Night, April 21st, Nancy and I will have been married 11 years.
We are celebrating by having a party, and ya'll are invited. We've had a lot
of good times with Chugaluger's and many of your are "family”.

Why:    Mike and Nancy still like each other 11 years later. Amazing. :)      

When:   THIS Friday night: April 21st, 7pm unto 10pm.
        Weather is looking awesome and This is a rain or shine event, we are indoors.                    

Where:  Waterhouse Pavillion, Corner of Market and MLK.
        (The building next to where Nightfall is held)

Provided: Assorted beverages (intoxicating and not) and finger foods.
          And an awesome anniversary cake….
Entertainment: Bisynchronous auditory and visual interaction with other
humans, more real than virtual reality. Possible actual tactile feedback.
Derek is bringing sound, expect some mushy romantic background music and
things you can dance to if the mood hits. There may be "art cars" and other
objects of frivolity. Periodic toasts and shout outs...

Bring: a smile and willingness to meet an awesome diverse group of people.              

Leave at home: bad karma and trolls. (Ogres like Shrek are OK though..).

Take: good memories and new friends.

Warning and disclaimers: Over baked humans may be left sleeping on park
benches.  There will be no powerpoints, formal presentations, sale pitches,
slide decks, MLM/ponzi schemes presented.  Images of Mike and Nancy's  
adventures will be on the big screens. You have been warned. Half baked ideas and
non-politically-correct statements are encouraged.

RSVP not required, you can show up/swing by for a few minutes or hours.
I won’t send another reminder about this until Friday Afternoon.

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