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David White-2
I need someone familiar with node.js applications (built with dolphin & grunt) to help debug a website that runs on nginx, which was working at one time, but is no longer work after all servers were shut down and then brought back online several weeks later.

After a lot of finagling with another Chugalug member earlier this morning to fix an nginx 502 error, we've both decided that this is outside our realm of expertise. 5 minutes after running into a friend later today, he had the application running. 

So we're no longer getting the nginx 502. Unfortunately, it is giving off a White screen of death (if you view source, you can see CSS and such, so I know nginx is working, and we're able to view CSS files through the web browser).

Sorry that I cannot go into specifics, but I think I've given enough information for someone knowledgeable with these architectures to know if you'll be able to help or not. I do not want to specify the client publicly for a number of reasons.

If you think you can help and get it back up and running within a couple of hours or so, we can definitely pay you. Please contact me off-list. You'll be asked to sign an NDA. 

David White

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